Infuse - Smart, OO, PHP form management

# README for Infuse
# Copyright (c) 2005 Infuse Project 
# Licensed under the GNU GPL. For full terms see the file COPYING.
# $Id: README,v 1.2 2005/01/28 00:57:00 ebullient Exp $


Infuse is a small, object-oriented library consisting of a handful of PHP classes
for managing form input, cookies, and/or session variables. 

Content Management Systems, Wikis, or other PHP-based weblications may find this
library handy:

  + It provides form validation.

    Regular expressions are used to specify basic input validation rules.
    When the input element is created, it reads the associated value
    from the environment (e.g. $_GET, $_POST) and verifies it against 
    the provided rule - the supplied value is only accepted if it passes.
    Objects can be queried to see if a value was provided, and if the value 
    was valid.

  + It separates application logic from page display
    Forms and form elements are created programmatically in application
    code (e.g. association of a textbox and a passwordbox with a login form)
    in order to verify and process submitted data. 

    The created form, with associated elements, can be passed to a templating
    engine, or used later in display code to render the required form.

  + It provides consistent form look and feel, with a minimum of code modification

    Defined constants provide a uniform default length and size for text areas,
    and text boxes. A single function on the form can render form submit/reset buttons
    in a uniform way. CSS classes and overrides for other display attributes 
    can be provided at display time.


Use cvs, a nightly snapshot or a released tarball, and place the gathered
or extracted files in a directory that PHP can access.

Define the constant INFUSE_DIR with the full path for the infuse library,
including the trailing slash. 

e.g. Infuse library unpacked to /home/user/phplib/infuse:


See test.php for usage examples.


These clases were originally developed by Paul James 
as part of his project, FOOWD . 

They were subsequently combined with input management functions 
from the SquirrelMail project .

This breaks the input classes into their own project, for use in other
PHP applications.

This product is distributed under the GPL.  Please read through the file
COPYING for more information about our license.

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